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Voice: 757-566-1470 Fax: 757-566-3984
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Sizes available to fit all Bikes! For Use in Any State or County in the U.S.! Closeup on a location for a StickerPlate Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Custom made to fit Big Twins, Softails, Wide Glides, Sportsters, and ALL others!
Eliminates inspection sticker from front fork Close of of StickerPlate near front of bike Protects bike finish from damaging sticker adhesives
Dealer Inquiries Welcome! Next Day Shipping Available.
We are the first Company to offer Military StickerPlates. All StickerPlates are Double Polished Stainless Steel. Custom designed plates mount easily to all makes and models Close of of StickerPlate on wheel. StickerPlate 757-566-1470 www.StickerPlate.com email: StickerPlateMan@aol.com
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The BEST way to display State, County & Military Stickers!
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